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Budget committee recommends cutting some proposed employees
10 hours ago

The Putnam County Budget Committee Thursday voted down a motion to fund 16 new employees in county government next year, voting instead to approve 13.In a series of motions, the committee OK'd one …

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Gainesboro Grapplers win two Friday
3 days ago

In the Putnam County Youth Baseball's Major League (ages 13-18), Jackson County's Gainesboro Grapplers swept a doubleheader at Park View Baseball Park Friday evening. They started with a 15-4 rout of …

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Welcome to summer, hot weather, pop up rain showers and swimming. I don't do swimming very well. Just let me sit in the shade and watch.  I would like to say that I enjoyed my visit to the …
My thoughts are no greater change has been seen from the previous year than now. Summertime is here and the sun is shining on 2021. Outdoor activities are in full swing and we are getting outside. In …
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